Saturday, June 3, 2023

Welcome to the Certificate Verification Service Area

We appreciate your interest in the certificate verification process and hope that you find it useful. You can verify the certificate in two ways: direct access and indirect access.

Direct access to certificate verification databases

The Certificate Verification Authority (CVA) maintains website that provide direct access to registers of certificates and endorsements where their validity can be checked on line. For doing so, you should have Certificate’s Golden key and Certificate number to access directly.
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Indirect access to certificate verification databases

By choosing this section you should kindly fill out the Certificate Verification form. There is no necessity to having golden key for verification report; you need to know the certificate number and first name and last name mentioned in the certificate.  The CVA replies your request within 10 business day or less.
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  • The Academy of Nisa and Mixed Martial arts has played no role in the verification process and cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions in  the information obtained through use of this facility.
  • This tool is intended for organizations, academies, corporation’s, employers andothers who wish to verify the validity of a specific certificate.
Attention notes:
  • Addressees: It is recommended you visually verify original certificates before offering any action based on this report.
  • If the Certificate Verification Authority determines that the ConformanceRequirements have not been met, the Certificate Verification Authoritywill reject the application for certificate verification.
  •  If the Conformance Review indicates that the Conformance Requirements have been met, the CertificateVerification Authority will notify the Addressees via electronic mail of the successful certificate verification.
  • If the Addressees requested during the registration process to keep the certificate verification confidential, then the Certificate Verification Authority will maintain confidentiality as per clause 4, item