Monday, February 6, 2023
Teaching Kids Karate - 3 Games to Keep the Fun in Your Martial Arts Classes

If you are teaching kids karate and your classes are getting smaller and smaller, it's time to take a good long look at what you are teaching your kids! The last thing you want is to lose your teaching job because no one wants to attend your classes! Here are the top 5 martial arts drills and karate games that kids will go crazy for and that will keep them coming back for more!
1. CATCH YOUR TAIL - This game is easy and geared towards the very young student. It encourages agility and speed and laughter. Choose two students; one to be the head of the tiger and one to be the tail. Take a karate belt and tie it to the back of the belt of the "tail" student. Set your watch for 30 seconds and have the tiger head try to catch his tail. I've found this is a favorite when teaching kids karate.
2. THE CIRCLE OF DOOM - Get all kids into a circle with everyone spread out with both arms stretched out between them, far enough apart to not touch the kid next to them. Everybody settles into a horse stance with hands at hips, fists closed.
The instructor stands in the centre of the circle and slowly turns looking at each kid as you face them. When you are ready perform an attack against one of the kids so that they can do the block or counter that you have been teaching them.
As soon as their technique is finished move towards another kid on the outside circle and throw the same or a different attack for them to practice against. Don't choose your victims in any order, just turn randomly and pick one out to approach.
When first teaching this, start your attacks slowly and tell them at the start of the game which attacks you will throw. Start with only 2-3 different attacks, as the kids become more comfortable with this game you can increase the number of attacks, the speed and the intensity of the contact you give and receive.
3. HORSE AND SNAKE RELAY - Students form two equal teams of three or more. Start and finish lines are marked 30-60 feet apart. The teams line up one behind the other spaced a couple of feet apart standing in a deep horse stance.
The student at the end of the line yells "Snake", drops to the floor and crawls like a snake through the others legs until they are at the front of the line, they stand up in a deep horse stance and yell "Horse" which signals the student at the end of the line to do the same. Students continue crawling up the line until the whole team has passed the finish line.
The first team over wins

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