Tuesday, March 28, 2023
5 Important Self Defense Moves For Women
Having some knowledge and preparation when it comes to protecting yourself will allow you to not only be safer, but also feel more confident when approached by a questionable stranger. This preparation may help you avoid a violent or invasive situation.
Preparing to protect yourself might involve taking a self defense class to learn a few solid moves or techniques. Here is a list of five important self defense strategies that every women should know (and practice) in order to keep themselves safer in the face of danger.
1. Above all, stay calm. While this is far easier said than done, it is by far the single most important factor in increasing your personal safety. Keeping your cool allows you to assess the situation, think about your reactions, and make a plan for your escape. Adrenaline starts to flow extremely quickly when we are threatened, and the shallow breathing and rapid heart rate can interfere with your rational thinking. Take some deep breaths, concentrate on remembering your self defense training, and plan your implementation.
2. If you are approached by someone demanding your wallet or your purse, the best thing you can do to protect yourself is to throw it as far away as you possibly can. If the assailant truly wants your money, they will go get it, allowing you to run away in a different direction.
3. Having a tool handy (such as your keys, umbrella, pen, etc.) and firmly gripped in your hand gives you an instant weapon. Do not hesitate to use this 'weapon' if someone attempts to grab you. Vulnerable places to strike include the face and neck areas. Quick movements will surprise your attacker, and surprise is truly your best weapon in a situation where someone is planning to overpower you.
4. When trying to avoid being grabbed or hit, moving in a triangular pattern (as opposed to moving in straight lines) makes your course unpredictable to someone reaching for you. Also, resisting the urge to back up-and instead lunging toward the attack-can throw off your assailant. Again, the element of surprise is in your favor in this situation. If you are running away from an attack, moving in a zig-zag manner will make it harder to get caught. This advice is also true for more dangerous situations (such as those involving a gun), as it is harder to hit a moving target than a still one or one moving in a straight line.
5. Some self defense courses will teach you to stomp on your attacker's foot or elbow him in the ribs in the event that you are grabbed from behind. In fact, the most effective move you can make is to forcefully use the back of your own head to smash into your attacker's face. Your skull is very hard, and will cause some serious pain if you can connect with his face. Often, this will be enough to have the grip released, allowing you to escape.
These are just a few hints that you should consider rehearsing in your mind as you review self defense strategies that will help keep you safe. The best way to stay safe is to avoid potentially dangerous situations completely, but, in case you ever do find yourself threatened, it's important to know how to protect yourself.

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