Saturday, June 3, 2023
What is Aikido?
Aikido is a Japanese form of self-defense that utilizes holds and locks. It employs the principles of non-resistance in order to incapacitate the power of the adversary. This art form uses very little of the student’s own strength, instead relying on the force of the opponent to knock them off-balance and grapple them to the ground.

The Aikido style of martial arts does not feature very many punches or kicks; it is more of a pacifist art. Aikido is about keeping your opponent on the ground and it centers on evasion of attacks while using the force of your attacker against them, all while keeping a calm and focused mind. This form of martial arts teaches the student to immobilize their opponent in defense and cease the attack, rather than to attack the opponent in turn and cause the opponent harm.

One of the characteristics of Aikido that sets it apart from most other types of martial arts is that most techniques in Aikido can be performed while in the seiza, or a seated position. Aikido teaches several basic techniques, there are literally thousands of possibilities that can stem from these techniques, making Aikido a truly unique art form. In turn, this makes Aikido easy to learn but extremely difficult to master. Therefore, Aikido is not considered an art form that one will be able to utilize right away. It takes a few years of practice to feel comfortable enough to use it in an actual combat situation. Hard work and patience is required to fully employ Aikido, but those that can persevere are rewarded with a very useful form of self-defense. Instead of striking your opponent to hurt him, you strike to put him on the ground, thus allowing you to plan your next move or to get away. Aikido is useful for those who do not want to seriously injure or maim their opponent but still want a viable means to defend themselves.

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